How to Add Custom Domain to Blogger (Godaddy & Namecheap)

If you want to give a new identity to your blog, then you have to know how to add custom domain to Blogger. If you do not know how to create a free blog, then you must read this article.

You must be thinking that if we have created a blog for free, then what is the need of domain in it? So first you know what the domain name is? Blogger, which is a product of Google, gives you a chance to create a free main blog.

This does not mean that you run your blog in it only. A free blog comes with a sub-domain name.

Let me tell you what a sub domain is. When you buy a domain name, you can make many more domains by using it. If your main domain is the father, then all the sub-domains are his child.

As our domain is, its sub-domain will be something like this;, etc.

There are many advantages to using custom domain name in Blogger. If you want to know, blogger is giving us a domain for free, then what is the need to add a domain. So let us know about its consequences.

1. Professional Look: A sub-domain is too large, and you cannot remember it quickly. So it will give you a professional look and will also be able to remember others. You can also create your own professional email address, like [email protected]

2. Alexa Ranking: If your domain is and someone from India opens it then it will open in Similarly in America and in Pakistan. There is a problem in this that you will not be able to increase your blog’s Alexa Rank quickly.

3. Search Ranking: If someone searches something in Google and your blog’s name comes in, then most people do not visit the same link. So from this, the ranking of your blog is also reduced by search results.

4. Adsense Approval: It does not matter whether your custom domain or your blog is in blogspot domain. You can get the approval of Adsense. Blogger is Google’s product, so there is no problem in it. But if you add a domain, then it increases the chances of getting your account approved in Adsense.

Blogger Me Custom Domain Kaise Add Kare?
Adding custom domain name to Blogger is very easy. If you have a free blog and you want to add your domain name to it, then follow it.

For this, you must have a domain. If you do not know the domain kaise kharide, then read this. I mostly buy my domains from Godaddy. So see how I add any domain I purchased with blogger.

3) Here you have to go to the Publishing section and click in the Custom domain option.


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