How to create a WordPress website in 30 minutes

In the whole world, more than 5 lakh websites are made within a day.

Which are used to grow business ideas and earn money.

In the same way, you can earn millions of rupees by creating your WordPress website in 30 minutes.

How to create a website?
The entire process of setting up a website – starting from the website is explained below in easy language.

1 select hosting

First of all, you have to buy a Domain Name and Web Hosting.

Here I will recommend you that you can buy both these from Bluehost.

Because for the last 6 years I too have been taking Bluehost’s service and it provides very good support.

★ Why Bluehost?
1. With Hosting you get Domain Free for 1 year.

2. You Hosting Rs. You can start from 199 Per Month. (90% Discount On

3. Bluehost’s team supports you 24/7.

4. In this you get the facility of WordPress Install in One Click.

5. Also Bluehost provides better hosting, so that there is no server problem.

6. The best thing is that if you don’t like the plan, then you can withdraw your money in 45 days. Whose Guarantee Company provides itself.

★ Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting is a kind of very large hosting, which is distributed in small portions at a cheap price.

This is a kind of shared hosting, which is useful for small bloggers.

If your user base is less then you can also buy Bluehost’s Shared Hosting, which you will get at a very low price.

Buy 2 Hosting and Domains

Hosting and domain buying is not a difficult task, you can do this in the next 10 minutes by following the simple 6 steps given below –

★ Step: 1

First click here, after which you will reach the main page of Serverhost, now click on Get Started –

★ Step: 2

On the next page you have to select the hosting plan of Serverhosthub, which you can buy on the base of your need and service –

Here I recommend you that if you are going with a long term vision and preparation, then you should buy Choice Plus Plan.

★ Step: 3

After selecting the hosting plan it comes whether you have a domain or not. In this case, if you have already purchased a domain, then enter that domain name –

If the domain is not available, you can buy it on Easily Serverhosthub for a very small charge. In this the domain is free but you are charged for the services.

Also you should continue by checking out the Side Box. These are the extra services that protect your site from hacking or cyber attack.

★ Step: 4

In the next step you have to select how old you want your hosting to be.

You can start for 1 year, but in my opinion, choosing hosting for 2 to 3 years reduces your cost.

★ Step: 5

After that you have to sing in Serverhosthub.

If you already have an account, then you will not need it, but if you are using Bluehost for the first time, then you can create an account in Free by going to Create an Account.

★ Step: 6

After Sing In, you will have to pay. For which you can use debit card, credit card or PayPal –

After payment, you will see some such view success show

3 install wordpress
After creating a website, the most important task is to install WordPress.-


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