Yoast + SEMRush Integration Makes Keyword Research Simpler in WordPress

This is big news for all WordPress users who are using Yoast SEO plugin to manage the WordPress SEO.

With over 5+ millions active installation, Yoast SEO is #1 SEO plugin out there. On the other hand SEMRush has one of the biggest keyword database in the industry, and now it is available for WordPress users with Yoast + SEMRush integration.

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To use this feature, you need two things:

Here is how to use the Yoast SEMRush Keyword feature:

Update the Yoast SEO plugin to the latest version

Enter your focus keyword in the “Focus keyphrase” field and click on get related keyphrases

Here you will have three scenarios:

1. If you already have a SEMrush account, log in directly in the pop-up window and then allow Yoast SEO to connect the accounts; or
2. If you don’t have a SEMrush account, register and create one and then allow Yoast SEO to connect the accounts; or
3. If you are already logged into your SEMrush account, allow Yoast SEO to integrate the accounts.

Once you have connected your SEMRush account with Yoast SEO, you will be able to perform keyword reserach directly from WordPress post editor section. Here is how this looks:

You can get the 12 month search volume, and will be able to see the keyword trend right from the post editor section. This itself saves a ton of time, and help you make most out of rich keyword database of SEMRush.

If you are using Yoast SEO Premium which cost about $89, you can add more related keyphrases and optimize it using Yoast plugin.


If you are a SEMRush pro user, also install the SEO writing assistant plugin by SEMRush, this would help you get all the LSI keywords right from the WordPress post editor section.

I would not be surprised if SEMRUsh and Yoast integration add this feature in the coming days.

This video explains how to use this new SEMRush + Yoast integration feature:

This feature is launched as a time when RankMath (Another popular WordPress SEO plugin) is gaining popularity due to its amazing features. However, with Keyword volume, trend and country selection, Yoast SEO has taken the keyword research inside WordPress dashboard to a whole new level.

It would be interesting to see how RankMath fills this feature gap, and improve their keyword suggestion tool. For now, an existing Yoast SEO plugin user has one less reason to migrate to RankMath plugin.

What really existing here is, 5+ million users would be get the hang of Keyword research, which would fufther help them to drive more targeted traffic from search engine.

In case if you are new to all this, here are a few recommended read:

Over to you:

Do let me know your thoughts about Yoast + SEMRush integration? Do you feel it is going to help you improve your online business? What more features would you like to see in the near future after this integration? Share your thoughts in the comment below.

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